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Can't find everything in your See You in Whistler Puzzle? Here's where it is!

See You in Whistler is more than just a puzzle... it's a Seek & Find challenge worthy of the epic resort it depicts. On the back of the box is a list of 59 things to look for. Below are listed the locations of these items, referenced to the letter and number coordinates on the map grid.

Are you sure you want to abandon all hope and continue? Yes?

Then carry on. Your answers await!


Three Helicopters: J5, H13, N10
The Sasquatch: C3
Speed Patrol: J9
Three TV Screens: N4, E7, O7
Three Bears: F12, I3, B10
A Sit Ski: A5
Four Wombats: G14, K4, E4, Q14
A Film Shoot: P6
A Tank: L13
Bacon: G3
A Backcountry Kicker: K5
A Kegger: F13
The Nudist Dock: C13
Two Horses on Skis: P4, O11
The Leaning Tower: N10
A Robot:
An Alien: P10
Two Canadian Flags: C10, I12
Three Ski Patrollers: J10, P5, S4
A Test Tube Baby: K7
Two Cougars: E4, M7
An Igloo: C6
Two Ski Racers: P8, Q11
A Ski Thief: L11
An Outhouse: R11
A Donut: G11
A Rolling Suitcase: G12
Four Birds: B10, J2, O7, S11
An Oompah Band: M2
A Zipliner: J8

An Oxygen Tank: R10
Two Dogs: K12, T8
A Can of Soup: M7
A Can of Spam: H6
One Toaster: P10
One Goldfish: E10
A Russian Judge: P6
An Ice Cream Cone: L4
A Canoe: N13
A Small Giraffe: F11
Two Cows: D2, D6
Low Clearance: D11
A Backcountry Pee Break: K3
Two Amish: K13
A Chef Serving Cocktails: M6
A Runaway Snowboard: Q8
An Angel: G3
An Ice Climber: E3
A Large Latte: F6
A Lumberjack: B7
Keys: H11
A Surfer: F4
Two Cowboy Hats: P3, L2
A Squirrel-Suiter: C2
An Orca: O14
A Sadistic Groomer: M9
Not the Droid You’re Looking For: B8
A Cyclist: M12
The Re-Use-It Centre: C14

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