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Lorne Craig - Cartoonist & Sustainability Creative

Some of my first cartoons were drawn on my lunch bags in junior high school. I'm still learning.

I denied being a cartoonist for a long time. It just didn't seem like a real job, or a serious art form to me. So I went into advertising.

There I was able to learn a whole lot about business, writing, computer design, video production, and how to avoid meetings. I was also able to sneak a surprising number of cartoons into campaigns, ads, brochures and designs.

For the last 10+ years I have run my own brand studio – Unicycle Creative – focused on communications for sustainable business, and cartoon illustrations became a part of that brand offering, too.

Then, on January 1, 2018, I made a New Year's resolution; I would draw and post a cartoon every day for a year.

365 cartoons later, I accepted my fate.

I am a cartoonist.

I will never give up the branding, design, video and sustainability work I love, but the ink pen line and hand-drawn word are now my art form.

I have discovered a whole new realm of amazing artists, activists and characters. I am learning (and drawing) every day in an effort to better understand and interpret my world. I'm finding new ways to use cartoons and animation for storytelling, social media and brand communications.

And I'm still drawing for my lunch.



Diploma in Visual Communications, Alberta College of Art





Applied Arts Annual

Applied Arts Annual

Lotus Awards


New York Festival of Film & Television

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