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Can't find everything in your See You on Granville Island Puzzle? Here's where it is!

See You on Granville Island is more than just a puzzle... it's a Seek & Find challenge worthy of the epic destination it depicts. On the back of the box is a list of 43 things to look for. Below are listed the locations of these items, referenced to the letter and number coordinates on the map grid.

Are you sure you want to abandon all hope and continue? Yes?

Then carry on. Your answers await!


Two Ice Cream Cones: B11, G6
A Unicorn: N11
Eleven Ducks: Q7, Q8, Q13, Q9
Five Seagulls: C13, M6, C7, E11, H9
Three Giants: J5, K5, L5
Two Dragons: I6, J7
3 Canadian maple Leaves: S6, C6, M9
Four Hearts: A11, B10, Q5, C7
Two Concrete Trucks: J8, L3
Ten Fishes: C10, G7, K12, A13, L14, H14, R10, T10,
Two Buses: P8, E4
Four Delivery Trucks: H3, O14, N9, B5
Three Giraffes: H9, G11
Three Cups of Coffee: E8, G8, T15
Four Dogs: B11, T8, I9, Q11
Two Dancers: O6
A Seal: K15
A Bowling Ball: F10
A Bald Eagle: A11
A Canada Goose: T8
A Sunbathing Turtle: R13

A Snorkeler Eating Lunch: K12

A Vain Lobster: I11

A Jar of Olives: D8

A Lizard Ordering Mexican Food: E9

A Shark on Holiday: H14

A Mountainbiking Raccoon: K10

Two Pints of Beer: S6, M9

A Stilt Walker: J10

A Tentacle: C12

A Marathon Runner: R14
A Skateboard Daredevil: S3
A Sombrero: E9
A Jeep: G9
Five Sailboats: A7, E12, E7, C6, F6
A Bucket: K13
An Artist: S11
A Heron: S12
A Pirate: R11
A Weeping Willow: S13
A Water Bike: I15
Four Flowerpots: E12, D10, K8,
A Unicycler: S13


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