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Old Growth Links

These are resources for research and further reading on BC's old growth logging challenges, as referenced in the footnotes of the first book in the Old Growth series - Save Our Forests!

1 Ancient Forest Alliance Media Release, May 18, 2018


2 The Narwnal - July 15, 2019 The government agency at the centre of BC’s old-growth showdown.


3 BC’s Old Growth Forest: A Last Stand for Biodiversity


4 National Observer, May 31st, 2019 - BC has entered an era of extreme old-growth logging and we must stop it.


5 The Victoria Times Colonist - September 1, 2019 - The old-growth logging showdown


6 The Sierra Club of BC -

Clear Cut Carbon


7 Vancouver Sun - Reconnecting resources to communities -

Vancouver Province - Restricting raw log exports doesn't make much sense -


8 The Campbell River Mirror - Blight on Robson Bight?


9 Smithsonian Magazine - Do Trees Talk to Each Other?


10 The Narwhal - ‘Indicative of a truly corrupt system’: government investigation reveals BC Timber Sales violating old-growth logging rules


11 CBC News: Old-growth forest should be returned to 30% of original level, researchers say


12 The Narwhal - 25 Years after the War in the Woods: Why B.C.’s forests are still in crisis


13 The Globe and Mail - Tree-spike sabotage disgusting, MLA says


14 BC’s Old Growth Forests BC Government Fact Sheet -


15 The National Observer - Debunking old-growth forest claims in British Columbia


16 Tourism Industry Association of BC - Tourism by the Numbers

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